Trello App Review- Is it enough?

Trello App Review

Using apps in the modern age is not something of a new concept for us who grew in the generation of smartphones, Internet, and portable computers.

One thing you could say is that there is an app for almost anything now including off course apps that could help us boost or increase productivity. Quite the ironic statement is that isn’t it?

Our phones are a constant source of distraction and stimuli for us after all so how come will an app actually help us accomplish more than what we thought we could have?

We will find out as I report to you my findings on using one of the leading productivity and team management app in the market today.

You could expect the following to broke down to in this Trello App Review:

  • what is Trello?
  • How does it works?
  • its Pros & Cons ; &
  • What could be a better alternative?


What is Trello?

Trello is an application available through the Internet, App Store, and Google Play Store which markets itself as a productivity management board for assigning tasks in teams and/or for managing your goals into mini milestones.

If you are a frequent reader of app reviews and productivity blogs/vlogs chances are you probably heard about Trello at one point, it has been used widely by different team managers, writers, engineers alike and as such.

A long competitor in the market and a long way to increase the number of it’s users known to be as the King of productivity apps in the moment.

As their Marketing Slogan is when you visit their website here.

“Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.”

For starters to know more how it works it uses kanban boards, lists, cards, labels, Due Dates for each tasks etc. So that you won’t miss a beat or forget anything.


Trello App Review – Flexible and User-Friendly

As many of you who had tried Trello you would probably agree that it is something simple yet very customizable base on your preferences and what not.

You could create as many boards with your heart’s desire depending on how organize you will try to tackle any kind or level of tasks.

Add as many cards to your to-do list, add as many checklist you would like, add as many members you want and most importantly a description to let your team members or remind yourself what you were trying to accomplish all over again.

There are so many ways to add different kinds of flexibility in it mainly because you could also let everyone edit the boards, import from Google Calendar, integrate the apps your team or you are already using.

Simple yet it gets the job done and there are so many ways you could utilize the tool.

How Trello Works?

Step 1

First, create any board for any idea or project, give it a name, invite your team or just let it be if it’s your very own personal project.

Step 2

Second, add some lists to create different steps in your workflow which you deemed right for you.

Step 3

Third, create the cards for the tasks to complete information or information which needs to be organized. Depending on your judgement and your team judgement these areas are completely up to you so work out your game plan and see how it goes.

Step 4

Fourth, click on a card to add details, checklists, comments, due dates, and more.

Step 5

Fifth, you could freely move across the lists to show progress. Go from “To Do” to “Done” in no time! Customize and move the items as you please and go with ease and content. If you find that there are recurring labels you could also simply copy and paste the cards.

Lately, I have been working with improving my memory to increase productivity so I have been using Trello to check out my progress.

Pros of Using Trello

  • Simplicity – I will say this over and over again it is a very simple system to utilize because all you need to do is add different boards, lists, labels, organize, and repeat. That is basically it, the matter of organizing is up to you, the app is only there as the tool.
  • Team Management- Trello is connected over the Internet so it is so much faster and easier to update than your classic bulletin board which is in a physical location. You could add dozens probably endless members in every board and just as easily delegate the tasks accordingly. There are also comments, voting, and many more features for collaboration.
  • Endless Customization – It packs a lot of features for different kinds of customizations you might have in mind which are very handy. Aside from the obvious one’s like the boards, lists, etc, there are added features like the background, archives, “watch” feature, Calendar, Power-ups, attachments, location, and app integrations.
  • Cross Platform- this is often overlooked by many people as this is the norm for many apps. But considering how many productivity management apps exists, there are only a few of them that aims for cross platform or have already done so. You could use it through the browser, your mobile device, laptop or even tablet.
  • Power-ups- power-ups in Trello are tools and extensions that help you add more features and pack more power into your work management. It includes Google Drive attachments, Calendar View, Timers, Automation, CloudApp integration, Developer Tools, etc.
  • Trello Inspiration – a blog about different creative uses for the app. If you are not yet satisfied to how you use it maybe you could find more in here.
  • Notifications – standard feature for many but still sometimes we just need a little bit of reminder to help us keep going. Both in email and real time notification.
  • Free to use-  everyone loves free stuff including apps that will help you boost productivity and coherence in team settings. So go gusto and try every aspect of it.

Cons of Using Trello

  • Too many will overwhelm you- depending on what kind of organizer you are you might be instead of feel more productive for some cases this will induce the opposite. DO NOT keep too many list than that of what you could this will invariably delay your initially thought progress.
  • Limited Power-ups- by that I mean you cannot readily apply all the power-ups you would want to add immediately as you are only entitled to one if it is a free subscription.
  • Premium-Only Features- as anything else there are features you might miss out on if you are on the free side of things. To get these features you would off course need to subscribe to their monthly fees. Features included are the automation IFTTT (If This Then That).
  • Limited Integrations- you can only take one integration if you are a only a free member so it is one at a time or suck up to the recurring bill.

What is better than Trello?

So far from what I could tell some of you might not be satisfied to how flexible Trello is, so I would like to suggest some of the techniques I use to take control of my tasks.

  1. Journaling– the first thing I have ever done before I got in too deep into productivity apps is the good old way of journaling my to do list. Most specifically bullet journaling in which I personally cannot think of any other way when I started out.
  2. LifeHQ another software just like Trello but the difference is the format of organization. This web tool includes Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Journals as well as notes for recently read articles and books. One of the best tools if you love writing about your goals.
  3. Evernote– probably mainly known to be as a note taking app but it is also amazing to use it to take care and organize the your to do list. Very flexible and available through different platforms.
  4. Todoist amazing for task management and prioritization. But not exactly something for long-term goal planning.
  5. Notion an all in one app that helps you get things in one place. Google docs, Evernote, Trello, Dropbox and many more. It is app integration bazaar in here so if you found yourself unable to keep up with everthing check this out.


For everything which I have pointed out in this review I am just scratching the surface but nevertheless I was very much happy with using Trello and will most likely stay to be a devoted user for a long time.

If you think I have missed anything and wants to add your opinion just comment down below, share this article if you found it useful and connect with me through my social media accounts.

If you are interested start out your account in here

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