Defining What is Productivity- Doing More?

is productivity doing more?

Productivity is the new buzz word in the Social Media landscape of the present. You hear this word in your offices, classrooms, Ted Talks, your annoying friend boasting, your teacher or things that are advertised on Youtube or any adverts you might stumble upon.

Productivity according to Google is the various measures that describe the efficiency of production. Often measured as the ration of aggregation output to a single input. Whatever that means?!

If you ask me the simplest way to define what is productivity: Productivity is the effective use of time, energy, skill and resources which in turn pushes the development of society.

Efficacy of a person towards a task is the hallmark of productivity, a healthy amount of creation and quality output.

Whether you are a student, businessman, office worker or in any field of profession really. Every second count because time is money and you can never turn it back.

Learning about Productivity is a must and mastering its Art is one of the keys to life’s successes.

You want to be well known in your field, chances are you will need to be someone who can be trusted with bigger projects, more responsibilities and you have characteristics that other people lack.

However, there is a big mistake in terms of people’s perception of Productivity. If you ask them what is it, listen carefully as most of them will tell you that productivity is about doing more.

But we are here in order to help you strain out the unnecessary noise that this topic can make in a crowd.

Defining What is Productivity

Are you really being productive with your time management?


Do you just believe the “hustling” mindset that hard work will get you there?

There are three levels of productivity, you need to identify where you are in order to understand your situation and where do you wanna go:

  1. First Level: Total Procrastination
  2. Second Level: Plain Work
  3. Third Level: Working towards your Aspirations

First Level: Total Procrastination (Caged)

This level is when you are either discouraged or just fully focused on something else other than your goals than you have always wanted to pursue.

There are so many distractions in this day and age, phones, laptops, gaming consoles and different tech gadgets that we are almost fully attached to them at times.

Obvious as it is, I have to state that Procrastinating is one of the major killers to success and achieving the milestones that you always wanted to do.

Second Level: Plain Work (Comfortable)

Plain work, this is the level wherein you are solely working for the sake of paying the bills or making quite the amount of money but you know this place is not the path you wanted.

At the back of your mind you are just doing this for the sake of working, you might be good at this job/skill and earns a good living but you would rather throw away yourself out of the window.

Not to mention you probably hate your co-workers and your boss; this is what I call the double whammy of apathy. 

You keep your eyes glued in that stocks of paperwork or module as you have a quota or deadline to chase around. It is like a life running around a hamster wheel.

Nevertheless, they tweet stuff like “Giving in the hustle, every day!”, but in reality, everything is a cover-up work; you are not truly satisfied with what you are doing.

Most people do this, to cover the lack of progress, you might just be stuck in your comfort zone.

Third Level: Working Towards Your Aspirations (Charged)

This is the top level and true definition of Productivity as it can be. If you are at this level. I want to congratulate you because you might as well be living life towards your chosen purpose/passion.

Doing all the tedious arduous work, deep into the roots of Mastery of your craft.

When you are at this level you are unstoppable being every cell of your Being is jumping with enthusiasm and excitement, you wouldn’t even careless if you do not know how to do things, you lack the knowledge to start or you just don’t have any financial backing.

At this top, you will always strive to grow, if you are a real estate agent in this scenario, you would spend your time by learning about the market, consulting different people in the business, looking for properties from house to house, starts reading books and magazines about Real Estate to help expand his business acumen.

Charged work is the knit and gritty side of an endeavor where you spend most of your time reading, accumulating and thinking about the strategies you need to incorporate in your field of expertise to attain your highest goals.

I always listen to a Podcast, THE BRENDON BURCHARD SHOW in one episode of his called, ‘Caged, Comfortable, or Charged” he talked about how there are 3 kinds of life we are could be living.

The 3 levels could be reflected in what he has said in the podcast. Brendon Burchard, in my opinion, is one of the best examples of a charged person living with his aspirations in life.

To become a charged person, start mastering your craft, be smarter, be more resilient, more competitive, more knowledgeable and better in every way against your past self.

Transcending your past limitations and paving your way to the best version of yourself.

How Can You Do It Too?

Relaxation to achieve productivity

You want to become more productive by simply becoming more relaxed and learning how to unwind.

As research has found, there is a connection to your levels of stress and the quality of work you could produce.

In other words to easily achieve your goal to productivity learn different stress management activities you could let yourself learn and take some time with.

To help you start out you could visit the following: 4 Techniques to Release Stress Now, Knowing the Symptoms of Stress and learn our mission to help you sort yourself out.

By following the instructions in these articles, you can already make a significant difference in your mood, effectiveness and overall productivity.

Try one out and let me know in the comments below how did it go.

Book/Audiobook Recommendations

Reading a book for productivity

Like what I have said before Productivity is an Art as such it is something we can all learn about. One of you can enrich your artillery of knowledge in any topic a book always comes to mind.

I read different blogs, magazines, and books so that I can help you with your problems in this area of your life. Although for many people books are old fashioned, I say it is still the best source of information.

Compared to anything else a book is the condensation of knowledge, research, and lessons from an expert in a field. It takes only a couple of pages to take what you need and save your time instead of doing it by yourself.

The books listed below can be found in Amazon and Audible if you are interested:

  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
  • A Mind for Numbers by Dr. Barbara Oakley
  • Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Deep Work by Cal Newport
  • Productivity Project by Kris Bailey
  • The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

7 books for now, but if you find yourself unable to find time to read this list. I will be posting summaries and reviews on them and many more. So stay tuned and watch out for a new post.

Youtube as Source of Inspiration

Youtube a part of the Internet where amazing and stupid things happens and we all make fun of it.

Also, the source of many videos to binge watch and in turn lose the precious moments procrastinating over cat videos or vine compilations.

But instead of the perspective of it as a source of distraction, why not use it instead to fuel the fire within you to win and accomplish things.

Arguably it is one of the best platforms which could offer you a variety of content including Ted Talks, Self-Development Channels, Education, and Creativity.

From vlogging, learning an instrument, learning photography or slow-motion animation. Youtube is a plethora of bustling with content and creativity to boost your passions and creativity.

We are very much luck with the information it could offer to us for FREE. Gone are the days of needing a coach or going to a library just to learn about a subject matter.

So here is the list of Channels you will find a lot of creativity and inspiration, that I myself recommends:

Caveat. Be careful not to indulge for too long as clips are really addicting. Tip for not watching Youtube for too long: Time yourself and then stick to that. If you need to stop then stop, so it’s just you that can stop that pesky habit.

Next time I will be talking about changing your habits easily. Habits may be neglected most of the time but 80% of our day is on autopilot. So how can we actually change them and transition to a better diet, exercise or learning we need to achieve our goals for ourselves.


Definition of Real Productivity

The takeaway is that real productivity is when you are doing the hard work for something you truly believe in to accomplish.

A passion project, a hobby, a skill or any interest that you wish to pursue and turn it into a means of living or business if you wanted to.

Productivity can be achieved if we realized that the comfort zone is not the place to be if you want a meaningful life packed with adventures and excitement that you will never forget.

I hope that you found what I shared you helpful. Find inspiration, knowledge, and willpower within yourself by listening to the words of wisdom of Charles Duhigg or finally pursuing that photography skill you always wanted to acquire.

Share your experience about one of the things that I recommended with you in this post. Comment down below your feedback and realizations you had by watching or reading these amazing sources.

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