1 Mindset that will Quickly Improve Your Life

The Mindset that will Quickly Improve Your Life

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1 Mindset that Will Improve Your Life

Applying the Shoot First Mentality

The Shoot-First Mentality or Action First Mindset will improve your life if ever you have experienced this story:

Let me know if this has ever happened to you.

You started your day all pumped to start your way into dieting for your health and wealth.

So you searched about “the best diet”, you started out with Ketogenic but then ended up reading for hours.

But the hardest thing out there is there came a multitude of articles about Veganism, Carnivorous diet, etc

You repeat this process the next day, thus dragging the cycle for days to no end.

But the good thing is that we have a mindset that will quickly improve this part of your life.

Idea Paralysis

The case mentioned below is a case of idea paralysis wherein you have an idea in which you typically also read about online.

It usually contributes to even more interesting thoughts but over time will confused you for offering contradicting concepts..

My point being that things we find information often contradicts themselves!

We are living in the Golden Peak of the Information Age ; there has never been this much free information to learn just about any kind of skill or knowledge that you desire.

Incessantly, creating multiple ways and multiple paths for us to walk on in order to reach that certain goal you have set for yourself and making the path hazy.

Business Idea Paralysis Experience

Just as you my dear reader, I have also experienced such a problem but in a different setting regarding my financial situation.

Being in college makes you realize that your financial situation is not the most ideal one.

So for hours of my time I often think to myself just what actions should I take in order for me to alleviate not only my parents’ burden but also my personal standing in life as early as I could.

In my frustrated fueled search for answers to my problems I ended up thinking as to how I could create a business of my own.

Where else should I search but our trusty search engine Google.com specifically, “Best online business in 2019”, to which I read with enthusiasm and exhilaration.

Expounding to myself all over again how I intend and plan to execute my online store, e-commerce shop, blog, or Youtube channel whatever thing I thought will produce my ideal result.

Ultimately, as a beginner who does not have any single idea or marketable skill I do not have the ins and outs of this things. So I start another search for ‘how to build your online store’, and you know what showed up?

That’s right more articles that discourages you to do so because you should instead build an Online Marketing Agency because you missed the chance.

The Shoot-First Mentality

The shoot-first mentality aids you to create uncalculated decisions, get on with your life and just cut through all the crap. I can guarantee you that this is now my preferred philosophy with life in general.

Rather than endlessly deliberating whether to take or not to take a path, boldly push forward jump the gun as they said and pull that trigger from the hip like a cowboy with the fast draw.

“Assertively drawing your gun is the antidote this endless deliberation.” – betterideas

Making that bold, courageous decision at the drop of a hat and making this your default mode at solving problems.

Just try something notice it does not work, then try another; it all comes down to trying this out first-hand.

Having this as your instinct and character can offer you to not miss a beat in anything in life.

It opens you to possibilities that you wouldn’t have been there, if you failed to take the next step.

So, get out there read, apply, revise and repeat.

Benefits of Action-First Mindset

Firstly, you get better at things quicker, easily since learning is an active process. Opposite to the classroom environment to which most people associate what learning is about.

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to complete a course before you could start applying it.

But life & learning is not about sitting on the sidelines and reading it; getting your hands dirty, making mistakes and being in the environment being active is way faster than theorizing.

Secondly, it strengthens your mind or in the words of David Goggins,

“It calluses your mind”. – David Goggins

Getting used to discomfort will train yourself to take immediate actions.

You are able to embrace that feeling, you will become a strong and capable.

An individual that could stand an uncomfortable but necessary task because you are an action taker.

There is this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, obvious but perfectly describes the relation between action and results.

“Do the thing and you will have the power”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This article would not be possible with betterideas.

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