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3 Steps to Achieve Your Goal- Easy Hack

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Are you struggling to get from point A to point B in when setting your goals?

Having a hard time to motivate yourself to go to the gym and get that great body.

Maybe you want to change some of your habits yet you still find yourself not changing at all or unable to stop that craving for that delicious chocolate covered donut.

Whatever your goal is or what difficulty it may be, we got you covered.

In just 3 Steps to Achieve Your Goal, you will easily attain them if you stay dedicated so, stick with us for a while longer.

The 3 Steps of Goal Setting

Let us make your goal setting easy and manageable through these 3 simple steps to achieve your goals.

If you ask me or any great book about attaining your final destination, this might just be the essential phases to see where you are lacking or dragging your process.

The good about this is that it is applicable in any walks of life or goal you are aiming at the moment. I call this the triad of achievement.

  1. The Vision
  2. The Habit
  3. The Follow Through

The Vision

As the title speaks for itself what are you imagining to aim at, what is the end goal you have desired in your mind for countless hours daydreaming and salivating the image you create in your imagination.

From the book by Napoleon Hill “Think Big and Grow Rich” (which is an absolute must read by the way), everything starts with your vision.

The kind of story you want to live in, the picture you create, the target you want to hit with your mighty arrow or the finish line of a marathon.

It is essentially the narrative you painted from the paintbrush of your imagination and the canvas itself is your life.

Knowing the Goa/Vision is essential so that you know where you want to go and not become lost in the fog of your inarticulated world.

To know what you want, you only need to ask yourself or contemplate upon the things that you most want to succeed or achieve.

You may at first find yourself looking at a broad idea, if that is the case specify it even further for example instead of, ” I want to be fit”, tell yourself ” I want to be as fit as a ____”.

In the blanks fill in your ideal metric, meaning describe what kind of fitness do you wanna be and write about the reasons of why do you want to achieve this particular thing.

Half the game of achieving is specifying what you truly want and you are sure to achieve this if you follow through.

The Habit

Next comes, the habit. To achieve something there is a process, if you want to become buff you need to exercise regularly if you want to become better at your guitar skills you need to practice regularly if you want to become a better speaker you need to practice giving aspeech regularly.

To do things regularly it needs to become a habit, an automatic response in your daily routine. In fact, most of the things you do every day is a habit, an autopilot that helps you go through.

From brushing your teeth, making the bed every morning, cooking breakfast and being distracted with your pet before you head out to work.

You may be starting to feel iffy now because of the word habit, as most of us struggle to actually improve or change them at all. I got your back and I am going to teach you a simple trick to change them easily.

Just use the cue-routine-reward system, a habit is essentially something that has a cue, then the routine, and the reward you get for doing it.

As an example let us take the situation of eating junk food but you ultimately want to change this in a positive light to motivate you to eat healthy instead.

Most likely the cue is hunger, the routine is rummaging the fridge or cabinets for food, and reward is the salty satisfaction of those empty carbs.  You can easily change this by doing a proper tweak and focus on the routine.

Since you want to eat healthy change the contents of your fridge or cabinets and put fruits or any healthy snack you might just fancy.

One more tip is that if you still want to eat occasional chips, just make sure that you have the healthy ones in front of the racks and the chips at the back; so whenever you feel like eating you will rather get what is easy to obtain.

If you are interested you can read more about the book, “How Habits Work” By Charles Duhigg or watch this Youtube video that explains this in full detail.

The Follow Through

Arguably this is the hardest part of it all, once you finish creating the vision and identifying just what kind of habit you will need, staying true to the routine is the most tedious part.

It is not really uncommon for you to have problems with pushing through to do a practice every day for the most part, because it is not like you will become buff in just one day of going to the gym or just going through one practice dance to perfect your performance.

Undeniably, seeing no visible improvement can make you feel uneasy or discontent when you can just as easily stop instead and go back to your comfort zone.
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